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Is Titanic Tina otherwise as Tina Small or Christina Jane Small-ultra top-heavy model-1980's Blond with 83 Inch Bosom ... Tina Small claimed to suffer from the medical condition known as from the medical condition known as Virginal breast hypertrophy (VBH) is not a medical name, but the more known name for juvenile macromastia and juvenile gigantomastia- that causes excessive growth of the breasts during puberty and has a much higher frequency than the rare cases of breast hypertrophy in pregnancy.

Tina Small wasn't a hoax .Her nose originally was big like Jon Pertwee and not small and cute as it was in later photos. And despite rumor, by dimwits, there wasn't two or three different models-just one. She put on a short haired blond wig to hide long, golden blond hair so people know it was her. Unfortunately, people recognized giant hooters despite the fake blonde wig-so modeled without it. Got nose job and boob work done. Wrote a book and did acting.

Sorry, the truth is stranger that stupid theories of fake jugs, different models with different fake hooters and such. The person going around saying such things is lunatic who used stalk me in 1980’s .He mad at me because I rejected him. So now, he’s spent decades trying to expose me as a fraud.I wrote my autobiography myself.No man wrote.Any fool can see that it was written by a woman and not a man. And my breast or bras are as big as they are.My proportions are 84 inches.Fact.And bra are as big enough to hold them up and need not ten times bigger.



''Sorry to disappoint those out there. But I was real and still am. I had work done my nose. Nose job as some put it. I wasn't created for the Sunday Sport. They just published parts of my book and ran a few articles with illustrations or rather pictures. Although airbrush did exist, Photoshop to my knowledge did not. So John may air brushed or touched up photographs, but he didn't Photoshop. And last the breasts were my own and not something strapped on. Whoever the fool or group of fools posting up these kinds of things is just fools. Jealous, hateful fool out for revenge and bitterness, that beautiful busty women have years rejecting them. They live in their mother’s basement jacking off my pictures and other top heavy women, because no real woman will touch. They sit around watching other well endowed men and women, getting what they can only dream of getting.

And I'll tell I'd not touch blokes like with a hyper warp pole-let alone anything closer.


Tina Small''



Don't you think if she was real she would have been found, Tina Small is a tabloid soft porn Sunday Sport/Weekly World News fiction created for the newspaper---After they have found Bigfoot and I know,he's real.He got on rampages-goes the freezer in the kitchen and throws our chicken. 'Re: Tina Small' looks like some of those pics are photo shopped or faked by George Lucas. I don't believe photo shopped boobs really deserve to be on this site cause well macromastia all natural-like Chelsea Charms and 153 XXX breast or Queen Gazongah.


She was not Photo shopped it didn't exist back then!!She had a nose job and her breast lifted up.Nose job. But no you'd rather believe in some JFK Conspiracy, that everything was fakes from the moon landing to Tina Small

Nose job. but no you'd rather believe in some JFK Conspiracy, that everything was fakes from the moon landing to Tina Small.These nuts would rather believe everything was faked from the moon landing to Elvis's death.They'd rather believe we couldn't pilot a small rocket to the moon and land some astronuates,but greys could fly saucer shaped craft,using primitive 2oth Century technology to warp space like the star ship Enterprise,so they help build Atlantis,pyramid's,Easter Island statues and anally rape hilly billies.Everyone from Elvis,Jesus Christ,Abe Lincoln,Marilyn Monroe,Bruce Lee,Gary Coleman,JFK faked their death and are living in secret,doing low paying job,rather than the stuff that made them famous.Oswald could have killed JFK,even though was trained as Marine marksmen,who are supposed to very good at long distance targets and Kennedy had a big head to shoot at.Which one sounds more likely to you ?

Don't you think if she was real she would have been found, Tina Small is a tabloid soft porn Sunday Sport/Weekly World News fiction created for .Actually-she was created long before Sunday Sport got their hands on her.She appeared in Canadian newspaper first and Fling back in 1979.She appear in Sunday Sport until 1989-ten years later-way after Every Inch a Lady published by Fling/Relim Publications and Big Girls Don't Cry-a photo book and her autobiography,with the same title.Tina Small had a fan club-Tina Appreciation League between then and countless appearances in men magazines.But why let facts get in the way of your fantasy delusions?


She was not Photo shopped it didn't exist back then!!She was created by the android maker-Professor Diabolico to help conquer the world.

Titanic Tina Small has seen with Big Foot leaving a UFO. This proves she's fake, because we all know that flying saucers are hoax, just like big foot and crop circles, so she must be too, since in the same picture and beer belly drunken white trash would’t lie nor would he?

As a well endowed man,into large busty women,I get off on top heavy women,who are female size queens.Well hung men,have fantasies of going to bed with freakishly well endowed woman,who love big peters or have relationships with them,involving lots of sex.
I fantasized screwing girls as freakishly huge as Tina Small-84-22-34 or Chelsea Charms-153xxx-22-35.I don't believe Chelsea Charms is 153XXX-in fact I know so-someone close to her said the measurements are a lie-she closer to 84 inches than 153 XXX.Still,I screw her and Tina Small my nine dick-eleven inches after using a dick pump anyday.

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